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Conditions of Use


0. Subject

These Conditions of Use regulate the rules to use this web platform, hereafter “the platform”.

The access or use of The Platform attributes visitor the condition of User and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this document, in the Privacy Policy and in the Legal Notice of this web page.

The user must read these conditions every time that uses the platform, as these could be modified hereinafter.


1. Nature of contents

The information contained in the Platform is intended only for health professionals; therefore specialized training is required for proper interpretation. The User must abstain from using the Platform without meeting those conditions.

The contents of the Platform are not recommendations or advices intended for patients, therefore do not provide or replace the opinions, recommendations or advices of the relevant healthcare professionals. The patients must seek advice from these professionals. Any decision related to the patient´s health should be taken by health professionals on the basis of the specific circumstances of the patient.


2. Users registration

Only previously registered Users can use this Platform.

The User must keep his/her user id and password confidential, and prevent the access of third parties. In the case of suspecting that these could have been compromised, the user should replace the id and passwords for other only know by him/her.

The User undertakes neither to use a false identity nor to substitute the identity of a third party.


3. Limitation of use of the Platform and its contents.

The User undertakes to do a correct use of the Platform, according to the Law, to the present Terms and Conditions, and to others regulations and instructions that could be applicable.

It is prohibited to change or modify any part of the Platform or its contents, evading, deactivating or manipulating in any way (or trying to evade, deactivate, or manipulate) the security functions or other software functions and to use the Platform or its contents for commercial or advertising purposes.

It is prohibited the use of the Platform to damage properties, rights or interests of Rovi or third parties.

It is also prohibited to make any other use that could alter, damage, or disable the networks, servers, IT equipment, products and software of Rovi or third parties.

In general, cannot be carried out activities contrary to Law, ethics, generally accepted good conduct or established public order.


4. Intellectual Property Rights

The Platform and its contents (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as trademarks and the rest of distinctive signs are property of Rovi, not acquiring the User any right on them by the mere use of the platform.

The User must abstain from:


  • reproducing, copying, distributing, make available to third parties, publicly communicate, transform or modify the Platform or its contents, except as permitted by law or expressly authorized by Rovi;
  • reproducing or copying the Platform or its content for private use, as well as publicly communicate or make it available to third parties when this involves its reproduction.
  • Extract or reuse all or a substantial part of the contents included in the Platform.

Subject to the conditions established in this section, Rovi grants the User a license for the use of the Platform, non-exclusive, free, for personal use, limited to the national territory and for indefinite term. Such license is granted on the same conditions than the updates and improvements performed on the application. This license for use can be revoked by Rovi unilaterally at any time, by the mere notification to the User.


6. Links to other websites.

This platform may contain links to other web pages or to third contents out of Rovi´s control. Such links are provided exclusively to facilitate access to information, without Rovi assuming any liability for its functioning or content.


7. Forums Rules of Engagement.

The participation of the User in any of the existing forums in this Platform is free and voluntary. Such participation is subject to the general conditions mentioned in this document as well as the ones listed below, that the User accepts expressly by the mere use of taking part in the forums:


  • The main theme of the forum should be respected. Should you wish to discuss other issues, you must find another appropriate forum or open a new one.
  • Messages with generic tittles will not be published or unclear messages for the reader of the message´s content.
  • You may not harass other Users or third parties.
  • Any intervention in the forum must be done with respect and education. Insults, racist, xenophobic or discriminatory expressions are strictly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to publish or manage contents that should be considered confidential information and should not been distributed.
  • It is prohibited sending communications for commercial or advertising purposes, direct or indirect, from one User to other Users or third parties, or sending unrequested messages to an indeterminate group (spam), distribution list or chain messages.
  • It is prohibited to distribute or manage contents that could damage property, rights or interests of Rovi, Users or third parties, that break the Law or may pose a risk to public health of other Users or third parties, that are inaccurate, false, ambiguous or exaggerated, that induce or promote criminal, degrading, defamatory, libelous or violent actions against the Law, or that are discriminatory on the basis of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition or that include violent, pornographic, obscene, criminal or denigrating information.
  • It is prohibited the distribution of messages that induce Users or third parties to an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear or that induce to take part in dangerous, hazardous, harmful , illegal or immoral activities.
  • It is prohibited sending messages that damage intellectual property rights or violate trade secrets of third parties.
  • Messages with content that infringes the right to honor, personal and family privacy or self-image of people or that contravene the regulations on personal data protection are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited sending messages that because its characteristics (format, extension, etc…) cause difficulties to the normal running of the Service. Particularly, it is not allowed the use of JavaScript, active or with other coding that provoke messages repetition, as well as any other similar action that may interfere in the Platform´s operation.
  • It is prohibited sending messages that, directly or indirectly insult, denigrate or damage the image of Rovi or its products and/or services.


Without prejudice to the compliance of the above rules, all the users of forums must take into account the following recommendations.


  • As a general rule, the language used will be English. However, it could be used the language of the theme if this is other than English. It could be used sentences and paragraphs in other languages eventually and always accompanied by the corresponding translation or when its meaning is well known and do not require translation.
  • The User will do his best not to impose his own opinion as valid or despise other´s points of view.
  • The User undertakes to use correct spelling and proper wording of messages. Messages should be written in lower case, only using uppercase letters according to the spelling rules.
  • Before publishing a message, will be checked existing ones to avoid duplications or overlapping.
  • It is recommended to use forum´s default text for the size and colour of letters.
  • Images and files sent attached must have the right size to be correctly displayed in the forum.
  • In any case, it must be taken into account that messages reflect just the opinion of the User that sends it, and he is the sole responsible for it. Rovi is not liable for the content of messages sent by Users.


8. Responsibilities.

In relation to any consultation that users may formulate through the forum and that are answered from the Platform, such answers just represent a particular opinion. It is not the only one or the most correct. The users must take this into account at the time of making decisions on the basis of such answer. Rovi is not liable for the consequences incurred by those answers or the decisions taken base on them.

It is, in any case, the User´s responsibility having available the right tools to detect and repair malware or malicious programs that may damage the computer. Rovi is not responsible for any damages produced to the computer equipment during the use of the Platform. Similarly, Rovi won´t be liable for the damages produced when those damages have their origin in failures or disconnections of telecommunications networks.

At any time, Rovi can suspend or block access to the Contents or Services to those Users who do not comply the present Conditions, without prior notice and to the person concerned or to third parties, without Rovi assuming any responsibility for that decision.

Any User can report to Rovi a breach of the present conditions, through the e-mail address posted in the Legal Notice. Rovi has no obligation to attend such complaint if considers that there has not been a breach of the Terms and Conditions, or if it has been produced by exceptional circumstances in that particular case.

The User will be liable to Rovi or against third parties of any damages that may be caused by the breach of this Terms and Conditions.


9. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction.

This Terms of Use shall be governed by the Laws of Spain.

For the resolution of any conflict arising from its interpretation or application, the User accepts the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid (Spain).