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Cookies Policy


Cookies are files that are downloaded into your computer when you visit some WebPages. Cookies allow a web page, between other things, to store and retrieve information about navigation habits of a user or equipment, and depending on the information contained, may be able to recognize it.


However, these technologies only obtain information related to number of WebPages visited, the city from which the IP address gets accessed, the number of new users, frequency and visits number of a given user, the time of the visit, browser, operator or type of device used. It is not revealed any information related to the name, surnames, postal address, or similar data of the user that gets connected.


The only cookie used in this WebPage is the one called PHPSESSID, which is used for the encrypted language PHP to allow session variables to be stored in the web server. This cookie is basic for the running of the web and expires at the end of the session.


You can allow, block, or delete the cookies installed on your computer with the setting options of your browser. You can find information on how to do it with the most common browsers, the links are included below:










Please note, however, that disabling some cookie may prevent or hinders navigation or the provision of services offered on this website.